What HAIR LENGTH is Lotta suitable for?

Our Lotta Curls hair ribbons are suitable for all hair types from shoulder- to waist-length. 🥰

Does the curl last on VERY STRAIGHT HAIR?

One of our founders also has very straight and thick hair. She always uses Lotta overnight (or even a little longer) and the curls last all day afterwards 💪

Does Lotta Curls really take less than 5 MINUTES to use?

YES! 💪 With a little practice, using Lotta Curls will be a cinch for you. On average, you need 3-4 minutes to put it in and less than 1 minute to remove it. Et Voila! ✨

HOW LONG do I have to WEAR the curling ribbon?

On average, we recommend leaving Lotta in your hair for at least 4 hours. You will achieve the best curling result if you use it overnight! 💤 Basically, the longer you wear the curling ribbon, the better the result 😉 (especially with very straight and thick hair)


How long does SHIPPING take and is it FREE?

🇦🇹 Austria: 4 - 5 business days
🇬🇧 Germany : 4 - 6 business days
🇨🇭 Switzerland: 5 - 6 business days

FREE shipping
Germany & Austria from € 39.50
from € 70,00

Shipping costs AT/DE (under €35.90): € 2.99
(under € 70,00): € 4.99
Outside of AT/DE/CH: please send us a message to:

You can find more information about shipping here


Yes! With the payment provider “Klarna” this is no problem. 😊

How can I RETURN the goods?

If you would like to return one of our products, we ask you to return the complete product in the package (or a similar shipping carton) within 14 days to the following company address :
Lotta GmbH & Co KG
Brockmanngasse 8
8010 Graz

You can find more information about our return policy in the right of withdrawal section.

We ask for your understanding that as a young start-up we cannot cover the costs for return shipping. 💜


What MATERIAL are the bands made of?

Our curling ribbons are made of velvet. The fine fabric is ideal for straight hair but also for naturally wavy hair. 😊

Is Lotta Curls VEGAN?

Yes, our curling ribbon is 100% vegan.

Unlike wool or silk, no animal materials are used in the material we use (crushed velvet).

Can I wash the ribbon in the WASHING MACHINE?

No. We definitely recommend hand wash. Lotta Curls is handmade with 💜

WHERE are the Lotta ribbons PRODUCED?

We are very proud of the fact that we can produce our Lotta hair ribbons and scrunchies 100% in Europe. 🇪🇺 Like our company, our tailoring is run by women 💜

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen dem Lockenband für Erwachsene und Kider?

Die Bänder unterscheiden sich in Bezug auf Länge und Breite.
Das Kinder-Lockenband haben wir speziell an Kinderköpfe angepasst und ist daher kürzer und etwas schmaler.

WILL the band DAMAGE my hair?

No of course not! On the contrary 😊, we protect your hair from the heat. 🔥

When choosing the material for our product, our greatest concern was to find a fabric that does not damage the hair (no great friction between hair and material) and is suitable for different hair types (smooth surface but still enough grip).