About us

We are Claudia & Christina, the founders of Lotta Curls.
After sleepless nights with socks and robe belts in our hair, we knew: there must be an easier and more beautiful way for curls without heat.

And here we gooooo: LOTTA CURLS.
Comfortable to wear, easy to apply and a gorgeous look for everyday. 😍

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  • Wir, verzweifelt 😩

    ...with socks and bathrobe belt in hair (January 2022).

  • First prototypes 🧵

    A couple of months later, we sat down at the sewing machine to stitch our initial prototypes.

  • The hustle got real 💻

    Several challenges awaited us in the upcoming weeks and months.

  • Lotta was born 🍼

    Wir haben es geschafft. Unsere Lockenbänder gingen in die Produktion.

  • Launch 🚀

    Im August 2022 haben wir auf der Glow in Essen erstmals unsere Lockenbänder gelauncht.

  • We are growing 🫶🏼

    Mit der Nachfrage, wächst auch unser großartiges Team.

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