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Schleifen bordeaux & emerald

Endlich können wir euch unsere Schleifen in zwei neuen Farben vorstellen! 🎀😍

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  • Thick hair / extensions

    ... like Katrin means w-o-r-k! WE GOT YOU! TIP: Wear your Lotta all night to tame your hair all day. Extensions included. 💪

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    Straight fine hair

    ... like Chrissi. In addition to beautiful curls, Lotta creates a lot of VOLUME in your hair and makes your hair look more voluminous and fuller. 🌬️

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    Shoulder-length hair

    ... like Babsi. You can use Lotta from shoulder-length. How about some BEACHWAVES ? 🌊

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    natural waves

    ... like Claudia. LUCKY YOU! For naturally wavy hair, Lotta is a cinch . 4 hours and you're good to go! (often even for several days) 🏆

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Less heat,
Lotta curls!

Our ribbons designed with 💜create great curls overnight in a way that is gentle on your hair and super easy to use. ✨

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